Scally’s Supervalu – Ireland’s First Gluten Free, In-Store Bakery

I know, I’ve been terribly remiss over my blog posts of late.  I do have a very valid excuse, in fact its a wonderful excuse, but that’s for the next blog post, not this one!  This one brings some incredibly exciting news if you live in the Clonakilty, or indeed, Blackrock areas of Cork.  Why?  Well, you get to experience, Ireland’s First and only In-Store Gluten Free Bakery first hand.  So if this is close by, you MUST visit them on Thursday 28 August!  I’m excited, and much to my disappointment, I don’t live close by to here…..

Scally's Supervalu, Clonakilty. Ireland's First Gluten Free In-Store Bakery

Scally’s Supervalu, Clonakilty. Ireland’s First Gluten Free In-Store Bakery


I think that this is a fabulous investment for the coeliac community as a whole.  To see a company invest in a bakery that is wholly gluten free and not at risk to cross-contamination, is wonderful.  West Cork is renowned for their quality food produce and after sampling plenty of what was sent to us, I can assure you, it won’t let you down.   Even if you’re not local, but maybe could travel here without too much inconvenience, I doubt that you’ll be disappointed. This is what we received into Coeliacpages HQ offices in Dublin 1.  Impressed?  We were!


Scally's Supervalu, Gluten Free Bakery, Clonakilty

Scally’s Supervalu, Gluten Free Bakery, Clonakilty

Why am I so excited?  Well, I guess, it’s the variety and range that they have obviously put a lot of time and thought into developing.  I know that there are some  very few gluten free convenience foods out there for those nights that you don’t want to cook.  Well, in my opinion, to have the option of going into a store and picking up a beautiful, freshly prepared fish pie or shepards pie and not having to worry about preparation in advance or cooking, that’s worth an awful lot to somebody on a strictly gluten free diet.  Let’s face it, convenience went out the door when coeliac came in!

Check this, great value as well!

Gluten Free Shepards Pie -Scally's, Supervalu, Clonakilty

Gluten Free Shepards Pie -Scally’s, Supervalu, Clonakilty

Proper Mince, proper veg and proper potato.  None of that long life, low taste nonsense here.


Or how about this:-

Gluten Free Fish Pie, Scally's, Supervalu, Clonakilty

Gluten Free Fish Pie, Scally’s, Supervalu, Clonakilty

Fish Pie from a store, that has already won awards for their best seafood counter.  Whether I was coeliac or not, I’d want a share of this pie.  Just knowing that it is freshly prepared and not full of shelf life prolonging additives, is a great reason to put this on the list.

OK, breads next.  Well they have brown bread, white bread and also bread rolls.  I tasted the white bread and the bread rolls and they reminded me of bakery bread that I had years ago.  Unfortunately for me, I had to avoid the brown bread as I’m in that small 5% minority that also reacts to gluten free oats.  However, it looks and smells good.

Gluten Free Fresh Bread, Scally's, Supervalu, Clonakilty

Gluten Free Fresh Bread, Scally’s, Supervalu, Clonakilty

The scones are being held aside for a large pot of coffee and weekend papers.

Soups next! I generally make a weekly batch of gluten free soup over Autumn and Winter.  It’s a family favourite, coming in after a cold day at school or the office.  Check out these options

Gluten Free Fresh Soups, Scally's, Supervalu, Clonakilty, Cork.

Gluten Free Fresh Soups, Scally’s, Supervalu, Clonakilty, Cork.

And well, if like some of us here, you need a wee cuppa and something sweet occasionally, there’s lemon cake, carrot cake and iced buns. The Carrot Cake had the right balance of gentle spices.  The Lemon Polenta Cake was moist and zesty and really very more-ish!

Scally's Supervalu, Gluten Free Fresh Cakes, Clonakilty, Cork

Scally’s Supervalu, Gluten Free Fresh Cakes, Clonakilty, Cork


I can’t tell you how envious I am of you West Cork folk.  As a coeliac, knowing I could walk into a supermarket and pick these goods up, in the knowledge that they were freshly prepared in a gluten free environment, would make shopping a lot easier.  I really enjoy cooking and baking, but sometimes I like a wee night off.  My family doesn’t know how to cater for me and they are genuinely afraid of contaminating me or making me ill.  For family members of coeliacs to have  access to high quality, freshly produced, gluten free foods is wonderful.  No excuses for not inviting us over!!  As for the wider community close to Clonakilty, Gluten Free, is label that is relevant to me or coeliacs, for you, in this case, it’s quality, freshly produced food that just happens to be gluten free.  While the packaging may change slightly from the images included in this blog, the taste of the great food will not!!

Here at Coeliacpages, we’re delighted to share the good news story that is Ireland’s first in-store Gluten Free Bakery.  Whether you are gluten free or not, we hope that you are able to support this new venture in Scally’s.  So, Congratulations and every best wish to Scally’s for such an exciting, innovative food adventure.  Thanks for including us.  Hopefully we can visit you in person and experience your wonderful food store.  Good Luck on your launch on Thursday 28th August, 2014.

Every best wish from us.

Judith – tweeter & blogger!





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